The Crocs I don’t hate

I never thought I’d say these words. And I mean never. But I bought Crocs.

Before you go shaming me into hiding, I’ll explain. I bought the Crocs that look like ballet flats. They’re cute and pink, and I’ve made a rule for myself that I’ll only wear them at home. And I haven’t changed my original position that unless you are working in the garden or in a medical facility (or you are part of the under-5 set) you have no business wearing butt ugly clog Crocs!

I can say this with no reservations because I lived in Boulder, the birthplace of Crocs, and I saw them on every other pair of feet for far too long. My favorite shoe store had an entire back room dedicated to Croc-dom. Even the Iron Yogi wore Crocs. It was out of control.

So anyway, I bought this pair in part because they’re cute, in part because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and in part because I can get on board with the whole anti-microbial, super comfy part. So far they are kind of squishy and good for walking around the yard/cleaning the house.