I’ve never considered myself a scrapbooker. I don’t go down that aisle. I don’t do stamping. I do not need a super duper puncher thingy.

But let’s face it. If you’re crafty and you need to make a photo album, you’re gonna scrapbook the hell out of that thing.

After my recent trip to Europe I made what I would call an album/scrapbook hybrid. It’s mainly photos with minimal labeling and a few ticket stubs/maps/etc. thrown into a straightforward red canvas book with 12×12 pages (Martha at Michael’s, of course).

I had a booklet describing the different stops on my cruise, so I grabbed the place names from each page to divide the sections.

I stuck the photos on with cheap-y photo corners that proved difficult to use, to say the least. But I like the way photo corners look.

I thought the pages looked a little dull so I added some decorative tape here and there. I thought the patterns looked sort of Mediterranean.

Then, in the front I tucked in my travel journal. It’s just a little Moleskin lined notebook that I about half filled. I created a little pocket for it by cutting the backing off just the edges of a piece of decorative tape and sticking it down over the notebook.

Knit/crochet needle storage

If you like oatmeal, you’re in luck. I made these needle holders out of the cardboard cannisters that hold Quaker Oats (and the smaller one out of a breadcrumb cannister).

The idea came from SuperCrafty, another book you should have in your crafty collection. I made these at least a year ago, but I thought I’d post them now because I still think they are one of the most useful projects I’ve ever done. And what a great way to reuse something you’d probably toss.

The paper came from Two Hands Paperie, a wonderful store in Boulder, and I believe the ribbon is from JoAnn. What keeps the needles separated inside? Toilet paper tubes. Or paper towel tubes for the tall ones. Since my knitting projects tend to travel, I still keep my really tall needles in a “tool burrito” my sister sewed.

Clever bead storage

Now that I’ve taken up crochet beaded bracelets I find myself in need of bead storage. I had been keeping my beads separated in a muffin tin, but it’s bulky and well, supposed to be for muffin making.

I don’t know what made me think of it but I’ve been keeping teeny tiny baggies that once contained spare buttons. They’re just the right size for holding a few beads.

I also noticed that each baggie has a little hole running through it, so I strung them together with a spare piece of jewelry wire and now I won’t lose the little guys.

Get your ribbon under control

Have I mentioned yet how excited I am that Martha Stewart has a line of products at Michael’s?? I could spend hours in that aisle — her stuff just seems to match my taste really well. Anyway, one thing I actually let myself buy was this ribbon box. It’s got a bar inside that goes through the center of your spools and handily feeds it out the front.

I also bought a scrapbook for my Europe trip pictures, but isn’t it scrapbooking tradition to wait at least a year to get started?

Soap dish from Real Simple

A great idea for keeping your ever-slimy man soap looking a little less bacheloresque in your bathroom (from Real Simple’s Simple Solutions book, one of my favorites).