Knit/crochet needle storage

If you like oatmeal, you’re in luck. I made these needle holders out of the cardboard cannisters that hold Quaker Oats (and the smaller one out of a breadcrumb cannister).

The idea came from SuperCrafty, another book you should have in your crafty collection. I made these at least a year ago, but I thought I’d post them now because I still think they are one of the most useful projects I’ve ever done. And what a great way to reuse something you’d probably toss.

The paper came from Two Hands Paperie, a wonderful store in Boulder, and I believe the ribbon is from JoAnn. What keeps the needles separated inside? Toilet paper tubes. Or paper towel tubes for the tall ones. Since my knitting projects tend to travel, I still keep my really tall needles in a “tool burrito” my sister sewed.