Office additions

When I get a chance (read: a few extra bucks) I try to upgrade my office/craft room a little. I got one of those 3×3 cubes from Target with the fabric drawers, which helped a lot. But I’m already in need of another one. So until I can get that put together, I’ve been focused on the walls.

I added these cork tiles (only $5.99 for 4 at Target) because I like them more than a plain cork board.

They are also great for showing off my little thumb tacks made with fabric covered buttons.

I also stole yet another idea from Real Simple and put up a piece of grosgrain ribbon to hold postcards and other fun mail with little clothespins.

My next plan is to add that second 3×3 cube and fill it with see-through jars filled with buttons, ribbon, and other supplies I can’t see when they’re shoved in a drawer.