My first (big) blanket

Months ago when I knew I was about to be laid up in bed for several weeks I decided to make a crocheted blanket. Well, that plan failed miserably, as the medicines I took knocked me out and made concentration on a craft all but impossible. But I did start the blanket, and I kept at it, picking it up every few weeks and making a few more squares. It’s a typical granny square afghan, except that it’s arranged in blocks of color. I adapted the pattern from on in my old fave, the Happy Hooker book. Theirs was supposed to resemble the pattern that appears when your TV goes out.

I preferred the softer colors, specifically the ones in Cotton Ease yarn. So that’s what I used. At full price it’s a lot of money ($4.99 a skein), but I was able to find it on sale for $3 a skein a couple times at Michael’s.

At first the little squares took ages. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to follow the directions in the pattern for each square, or the one I learned on, which appears earlier in the book. Basically the difference is whether your center ring should be 4 or 6 stitches. I ended up going with 4.

Now I am nearly done with the squares and just have to sew it all together. The finished blanket is actually kind of small, more of a throw, but I’m proud of it all the same. And I’ve got to wrap it up as I’ve got aplenty of homemade Christmas gifts to get to work on.

Tiny pears!

Shortly before Thanksgiving I spotted the cutest little pears at the grocery store. They’re called Forelle pears, and I bought a bag so I could display them at my Thanksgiving dinner for 13 (!!). Well, in the rush to put everything together, I forgot all about the little pears. But after everyone left I found them in the crisper and decided to try them for a snack. They’re delicious! Definitely a little sweeter than regular pears, and with a thicker skin that sort of pops when you bite into it.