My first (big) blanket

Months ago when I knew I was about to be laid up in bed for several weeks I decided to make a crocheted blanket. Well, that plan failed miserably, as the medicines I took knocked me out and made concentration on a craft all but impossible. But I did start the blanket, and I kept at it, picking it up every few weeks and making a few more squares. It’s a typical granny square afghan, except that it’s arranged in blocks of color. I adapted the pattern from on in my old fave, the Happy Hooker book. Theirs was supposed to resemble the pattern that appears when your TV goes out.

I preferred the softer colors, specifically the ones in Cotton Ease yarn. So that’s what I used. At full price it’s a lot of money ($4.99 a skein), but I was able to find it on sale for $3 a skein a couple times at Michael’s.

At first the little squares took ages. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to follow the directions in the pattern for each square, or the one I learned on, which appears earlier in the book. Basically the difference is whether your center ring should be 4 or 6 stitches. I ended up going with 4.

Now I am nearly done with the squares and just have to sew it all together. The finished blanket is actually kind of small, more of a throw, but I’m proud of it all the same. And I’ve got to wrap it up as I’ve got aplenty of homemade Christmas gifts to get to work on.