Proof that I am not a total failure at gardening

This morning an amazing thing happened. My peace lily plant, which has been living a very droopy existence since I got it last year, sprouted a single bloom.

That plant has looked like it was headed for the trash about 50 times, but I couldn’t give up on it. Like so many other things, I needed to prove that I was capable of keeping a houseplant alive. Especially one that so many people had assured me was impossible to kill. Well I’m here to tell you people, you can kill a peace lily – in no time at all. This sucker needs to be watered several times a week, and it needs to be very close to natural light. It’s nothing like the philodendron in our living room that we couldn’t kill if we tried. Once I found the lily a place near a front window and watered it (somewhat) regularly, it hung on. But it never looked good.

I think the real reason I don’t want it to die is that it came from a funeral. My best friend’s brother died in a horrible accident last summer, and at the end of that stunned weekend they were left with a huge hole in their hearts and about 2 dozen houseplants. So I hauled that peace lily back to Iowa and promised to give it my best shot.

So here it is spring, after a painful winter, and that gangly plant has not only hung on, but decided to bloom. I think I needed that little flower more than I realized.