Missing Blueprint

I was thinking today, for the millionth time, that Blueprint was pretty much the best magazine ever. It started off on shaky ground – I don’t remember loving the first issue I saw. But it hit its stride and vaulted to wow, this is really good to oh my GOD how can a magazine be so clever and pretty and crafty all at the same time??

I tore out so many pages and posted them on my office idea board that there was hardly anything left at the end of the month. And what did I pay for this subscription? $6! Never was there such a bargain.

I think I loved it because it treated me like the woman I was. Feminine but not too girly, crafty but in a perfectionist way (I have no use for robot dolls, I need curtains and A-line skirts!), a foodie who’s capable of more than mac and cheese. Blueprint expected me to have my shit together and go from there.

Now we are left with the Bluelines blog, which is lovely, but not enough. And even though I was told I would get a subscription to Martha Stewart Living I didn’t even get that. They mailed me a $10 check instead.

My magazine shelf still runneth over, and I think some of you share the same problem… But it still feels like there’s a hole. Martha – why?