Loving: Chico Bag

Mike’s brother and his wife gave us (well, I took it) a Chico Bag for Christmas and I’ve been grateful to have it at least a dozen times since. I just stuck it in my purse because it folds up so small, and whenever I’m buying enough stuff to fit into one sack I pull it out and use it.

Even though I reuse plastic shopping bags for trash sacks, I always have more than I know what to do with, so this is one more way to keep from getting them. At Target, especially, it seems like they force you to take extra bags. Oh, you asked for paper? Why don’t I put your eggs in an extra plastic sack? And why don’t I put about three things in your canvas bag so that I have to add at least a few more extra bags to your cart? I don’t get it. I worked at Target and I don’t remember being told to load up hippies with plastic sacks.

You can buy them at health foods stores or online, and I think they’re only $5.