Loving: The knife show

Last weekend we introduced Mike’s parents to our favorite guilty pleasure: Cutlery Corner. It’s on one of the home shopping channels we get on DirecTV Friday nights, and I swear we can watch it for hours without getting bored. It’s so ridiculously ridiculous you can’t turn away. The host, Tom O’Dell, is a southern drawlin’ camo wearin’ riot. He sort of goes in and out of the camera view, sometimes knocking things over and talking in a signature slur. But he loves those knives! And you will love those knives! And then by the end of the show he’s so excited he’s put together these packages that contain approximately 5,000 knives and gigantic samurai swords all for $199! What a deal!

I used to watch jewelry television when I lived in Colorado and spent way too many nights in front of the TV. And it was pretty brilliant. But nothing matches the knife show.