Oops, I took out the door

I love old houses, and I have loved our last two rental houses, each about 80 years old. However, the driveways are just ridiculous when it comes to modern day cars. Granted mine is much bigger than what I usually need. But it’s not that big.

Both of our driveways have had giant metal gates that you had to open and close every single freakin’ time you wanted in or out (especially with le dog). But they’ve also been situated so that if there was more than one car in the vicinity you’d have to do an approximately 16-point turn to maneuver into the garage. Which is not the worst thing in the world. It’s just that when you have to make a 16-point turn plus open and close the gate four times a day you start to get a little irritated.

And when you’re tired after a long weekend of hosting parents and scrubbing out the inside of said car, you might do this.

Yeah, oops.

I tried to squeeze in the garage next to the other car with too little space and scraped the entire car door.

And you know what would be nice? If I wasn’t already paying a gadzillion dollars a month just to own the car in the first place. (That’s mistake #1. Do not lease a car and then buy it.) So, I guess my car door will be rockin’ some extra white paint for a while. If you know how to fix this kind of thing cheaply I’m open to suggestions.