At long last, a crafty project

I’ve been working on some photo projects lately. I realized that I have tons of photos, but hardly any displayed in my house. I’ve also been working on collecting some older family photos (and hopefully I’ll get some from Mike) to display. I’ve scanned in a few, and hope to just print them out on glossy paper.

For now, I started with my photos from Europe last summer. I got prints made in different sizes (I use Snapfish and have always been happy with it) and then bought some inexpensive frames at Michael’s. I made a sort of random arrangement on the wall, thinking that Mike and I both can add to it with other sort of artsy photos we’ve taken.

My other project was to hang some ads from old magazines that I’ve had for AGES. Way back when I saw a cute idea in Blueprint (sniff, sniff) to hang them in sheet protectors and tack them to the wall. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find 11X14 sheet protectors without ordering the ones they suggest, which are not much cheaper than buying frames.

So I found some at Office Depot that were 9X12, and trimmed the edges off the ads so they would fit. Not an ideal solution, but these are not pricey works of art, and I’m not even sure how long I’ll keep them.

They are hilarious, though.

Reggie says…

I will kill that son-of-a-bitch chipmunk. After my nap.