Rediscovering: yoga

It’s not really that surprising that I let go of my yoga practice. After my two yoga buddies left town, my favorite studio abrubtly closed and I didn’t make the effort to go to another one. That was also around the time I started to realize that I was going to be in debt forever if I didn’t stop spending my money on extras I didn’t really need. So out went $10 a pop yoga classes.

And back came my back pain. I’d like to say that surgery fixed all my problems. But the truth is that I sit in a chair all day and that’s why I had problems in the first place. The more I sit, the stiffer I get. Throw in a different activity, and boom. Big time soreness.

But after a few months I realized I could take yoga at my gym, for money I was already paying, up to three times a week. All I had to do was just go. So two weeks ago I finally pulled out my mat and my embarrassingly tight pants and went. And it was great.

The teacher is a veteran of one of my old studios, and her class is just the right mix of challenging and confidence building. When I get home I’m not sweaty and disgusting, but I do feel like I’ve had a good workout. And I just feel that calm that only yoga has been able to give me. It’s amazing, a workout that calms you down. But it’s true! All workouts should end with meditation. All workouts should consist of stretching. Not just stretch at the end — the whole thing is stretching.

So anyway, I’m just feeling like there’s more balance back in my life (ha ha). Of course my teacher is about 8 months pregnant and about to leave for a while, but I can’t let that keep me from going. When you find something that works for you the way that yoga does for me, you think nothing could make you stop going. But life will make you stop if you let it. This week, I’m back to the mat.