I’m a legit gardener (thanks, rain)

Earlier this spring I planted a little flower garden on the side of our house. Thanks to Mike’s mom’s help last year, I had a pretty good idea how to do it. And it wasn’t rocket science — I just bought some pretty annuals, dug some holes, planted the plants and let Mike cover it all with mulch. I did have to water it a few times when we had some parched days. But soon enough we had more rain than we could handle, and those little plants took off.

Now I’ve got cosmos, vinca, and these pretty pink and white flowers from last year.

But what really excites me are the roses. They were already planted by previous tenants and then thoroughly abandoned. I finally got a clue and pruned them a few weeks ago, and then nervously awaited for the stubs of branches to grow back. And would you believe it, they did!

I got my first roses this week. They’re tiny, but pretty. And after tearing some of what I like to call “viny shit” out of the plants on the side of the house, they may actually start to bloom, too.

AND, I didn’t take a picture of this, but I believe a perennial we planted last year is blooming. It started as a very weed-like group of leaves, but I just had a feeling it was supposed to be there, so I didn’t rip it out.

Yup, I am pretty much ready for my green thumb now.