Running in a skirt?

The new issue of Runner’s World has a great article about running skirts. Well, I suppose they are more like exercise skirts or skorts (because they have shorts inside). I’ve noticed lately that these are more findable in stores, although I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of them going by on the street.

I think the idea of it inspires a sort of gasp response, but as I read, at least one of these companies was started by a woman who found them both comfortable and cute. Something you could exercise in and then go to Dahls for a gallon of milk without feeling totally disgusting.

As with anything, I think it’s about choice. Do you want to wear a skirt when you run (or play tennis, or whatever)? Then wear one. If you hate it, don’t.

I kind of wish they would have touched on the whole gawker aspect that women face when they run. It’s one of my biggest frustrations – I’m pushing up a hill, working my ass off, usually not too happy about it, and then someone honks or yells or whatever and it completely throws me off. NOT a compliment, dude. Would you like someone to do that to your sister? I can’t imagine a skirt improving that situation.

Anyway, i can’t seem to find the article online, but here is a link to the review of skirts. Anyone tried one?