Only a crazy person would make this scarf

So I started this scarf back in January, I think, with the intention to finish it by Valentine’s Day. I wanted a red/pink combination and I wanted to try making a crocheted, rather than knitted scarf. But needing to do things the hard way I decided to go with horizontal stripes, meaning that I would have to do very frequent color changes and ultimately weave in about a thousand ends.

So, six months later I finally finished it. Truth be told, it only took me less than a week to do the bulk of the work once I got determined to finish what I started. But it was as labor intensive as it looks. If anyone has a suggestion for making something with lots of color changes less painful, I’d love to hear it.

To save some finishing time I crocheted over the end strand of each new color so that I would only have to weave in the end of the old color. Does that make any sense?

Now I think I’ll make a hat to go with it. I found a pattern that I should be able to convert. When I get it finished I’ll put both patterns on the blog so you (should you decide to lose your mind) could make this, too.