A full load from the farmers market

I wasn’t really expecting anything from the farmers market this morning, but it was just full of good looking produce today. We loaded up our basket so full we could barely carry it. Now it looks like we have a lot of cooking to do!

Mike was excited to try gooseberries. The woman at the stand gave us a recipe for a cobbler, but he’s thinking about making more of a crisp with almonds. I don’t care what it is, let’s eat it! They taste like a blueberry, but more tart.

We also picked up a bright jar of strawberry jam and some of the best pizza sauce I’ve ever tasted from a local restaurant, Rock Power Pizza.

I’m really excited for these beans. Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for beans sauteed with shallots worked out so well I can’t wait to have it again. We also decided to try the purple variety.

We are so close to not having to buy tomatoes for a while. Our yellow pear tomatoes are just about ready to go, the purple cherokees are big but still green, and the other plants are full of not-quite-ripe fruit as well. After a long discussion about how it seems like it costs a lot to grow your own we decided that certainly isn’t the case for us. $15 worth of seedlings has become 5 huge plants that will produce hundreds of tomatoes by the end of the summer. I’d like to see how much it affects our grocery bill later this year when we’re buying less produce and making more of our own sauces.

Running in a skirt?

The new issue of Runner’s World has a great article about running skirts. Well, I suppose they are more like exercise skirts or skorts (because they have shorts inside). I’ve noticed lately that these are more findable in stores, although I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of them going by on the street.

I think the idea of it inspires a sort of gasp response, but as I read, at least one of these companies was started by a woman who found them both comfortable and cute. Something you could exercise in and then go to Dahls for a gallon of milk without feeling totally disgusting.

As with anything, I think it’s about choice. Do you want to wear a skirt when you run (or play tennis, or whatever)? Then wear one. If you hate it, don’t.

I kind of wish they would have touched on the whole gawker aspect that women face when they run. It’s one of my biggest frustrations – I’m pushing up a hill, working my ass off, usually not too happy about it, and then someone honks or yells or whatever and it completely throws me off. NOT a compliment, dude. Would you like someone to do that to your sister? I can’t imagine a skirt improving that situation.

Anyway, i can’t seem to find the article online, but here is a link to the review of skirts. Anyone tried one?

Loving: John Mayer – Where the Light Is

You should buy this live album for the version of “In Your Atmosphere” alone.

Every time I try to convince myself I’m too old or too indie to like John Mayer I’m reminded that nobody is – he’s just that good.