Childhood photo project

I have been wanting to finish this project for a while now, and it is so nice to finally have it done. And I’m happy to say I did not have to buy a single thing. I already had photo paper and a printer, and the frames from a previous project I had done. They were just sitting empty in a Rubbermaid tub.

The photos were all taken between 1980 and about 1988. I went through albums both at my house and at Mike’s house and picked out the ones that we (and our moms) liked the most, either for photo quality or good memories.

There is some seriously cute stuff here.

I guess I’ve just been really into the idea of showcasing great photos instead of keeping them stuffed in an album lately.

This is what I did:

-Scanned in the photos at 300 dpi (this allows you to blow them up if you want them bigger).
-Imported them into iPhoto. This is where you can make any adjustments to the size and color.
-Printed them on photo paper. I was able to select what size I wanted, so I went with mostly 5x7s and 4x6s. Some 3x5s, too. (Many times I order prints from Snapfish. I think the quality is great, and shipping is usually only 99 cents.)
-Then I just arranged them, sort of like a collage over the 6 frames. I trimmed some so they would fit better. I hung them on the wall in a random pattern.

The frames aren’t high quality by any means, but I can always put the photo collages in better frames if I get them someday. For now, I love having those photos out for all to see.

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