Finally, she blooms

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this gerbera bloom.

She made me wait all summer, but finally appeared last week. I have never seen a plant grow so many leaves before blooming — it was torture!

I actually did not even know this plant was there when I dug up the garden and planted new flowers in the spring. I think I accidentally pulled out a red one that had been there last summer. But at some point these leaves started sprouting and I recognized them right away as a gerbera plant. As this is my favorite flower (and in my experience they are quite finnicky) I did everything I could to encourage it to keep on growin’.

I’m also really glad I bought these red-orange-y flowers. The mix of colors is great.

I’m off to embarrass myself in a state fair competition with my co-workers. It involves a goat, a corn dog and bicycling. Awesome.