I say tomato – take some, please!

The vines groweth over in our tomato garden. I would call it just a regular garden, but all it has is tomatoes right now and boy does it ever have tomatoes. I love the yellow pear ones as you can just pop them in your mouth or toss them into a salad with a little garlic, oil and vinegar. But there are just so many of them! As soon as you pick 20 or 30 there are 20 or 30 more. So I think my office will be getting this bundle.

Tonight, I think Mike’s making a sauce out of the Amish paste variety. And I’m thinking about tackling that New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe that Orangette and others have attempted. Although given my gluttony at the Iowa State Fair over the weekend, I’m not sure I should be allowed to eat anything but tomatoes and zucchini for a long time.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I had to run to the store this morning for eggs and I decided to get a canteloupe, too. I was about to put this dinky one from California in my basket when I turned around and saw basketball-size melons from Muscatine on the other side. So I ditched the small one and was glad I did. The Iowa melon was super juicy and had a more delicate flavor than most summer melons I’ve had. Can’t wait to have a wedge for breakfast tomorrow.