So much for a matching hat

As much as I like to think I’m an invincible crafter, it’s so not true. Sometimes the stuff I make just doesn’t work out and I end up tossing it out. I wanted to make a matching striped hat to go with my scarf, and I was all ready to post it here when I got finished. But the pattern I was using just wasn’t a good one. The first hat I made was super tiny and seemed to get much wider at the end. I discovered I was using the wrong size needle and had managed to add 10 stitches by the time I got to the end. So I started over (this is like a 3-hour hat) with the correct needles and more precision with my stitch counting. Unfortunately, the final product is cute, but it doesn’t fit my head. And by the time it’s stretched out large enough to partially fit my head, it has really big holes in it, rendering it not very warm for winter weather.

So, no hat. But I have tons of hats, and I can certainly try another one when it gets closer to fall. I’m actually less in love with the idea of it matching, too. I have a cream-colored cable hat in bamboo yarn that would look good, I think. For now, I have to move on to some other projects I’ve been working on.

I also need to get moving on some wedding presents for the great wedding tour of 2008, and I have an idea for some holiday presents that I will have to start early.

So, no time to waste blubbering over a too-small hat. I did learn a new stitch, though! Reverse crochet to trim the edges. It’s twisty and cool.