Testing: Tom’s of Maine deodorant

A few months ago I wrote an article about eco-friendly beauty products. The gist of it is that there are a lot of controversial ingredients in shampoo, makeup, face wash, etc. that are cool with the FDA, but not with a lot of consumers. Either because they’re harmful to the environment after they swish down your drain or harmful to us because they contain carcinogens and various other yuckiness.

I’m not thrilled about the idea of smearing carcinogens into my skin, so I figured I would try to stop buying a lot of products that have 50 ingredients on the back I can’t pronounce. I’m also trying to buy bar soap instead of body wash in plastic bottles to save packaging.

Anyway, I was a little dubious about switching deodorants as I am a super sweater (strangely both when I’m really hot and really cold), and Degree has always worked for me. But most regular deodorants contain aluminum and other weird stuff, so I decided to try Tom’s of Maine. The apricot smell is absolutely delightful. If it wasn’t creepy I could sit around smelling it all day. The price is about twice as much as I’m used to paying for a deodorant stick, about $6.

So how does it work? It’s labeled long-lasting, and I did find that it was still smelling fresh at the end of the day most days. But when I got really hot (like when I was cleaning out the car) the funk returned. I definitely had to reapply, something I rarely do with Degree. I still think I will keep using it, though.

I also switched salons to an Aveda location that I can walk to downtown. I was really impressed with their multiple, multiple efforts to be eco-friendly in packaging, saving water, using more natural ingredients, offering refillable tubes and on and on. Prices are pretty high, but it’s nice that Aveda salons are all over so the stuff is easier to find.

If you have greened your beauty regimen, please share!