The cookie to end all cookies

After letting the dough sit overnight I finally got to bake my super famous hoity toity New York Times chocolate chip cookies.

I made just a couple of adjustments. To avoid another trip to the store I used all-purpose flour and skipped the sea salt topping. I found the cookies to be even saltier than most so I’m not sure why it needs more. I also used Nestle dark chocolate chips from the grocery store, which were fancier than usual, but nothing boutique-y.

The dough was a thing of beauty. After I whipped it in the mixer for several minutes it was light and fluffy (and of course I had to have a taste, too).

I had a heck of a time finding an appropriately sized cookie scoop. Martha, of course, came through with her version at Kmart. But it failed pretty much instantly and really only helped me shape the dough into balls. I had to dig most of them out of the scoop with my fingers. I guess some items require you to spend more to get a better product.

Anyway, the cookies turned out beautifully. Because of their size, I think, I didn’t worry so much about taking them out at the exact minute they were supposed to be done. When I felt like it had been close to 20 minutes, I checked on them, and they were usually ready to come out. I highly recommend a glass of cold milk with these bad boys, as they are extra large and fairly dense.

Mike said they were about as perfect as a chocolate chip cookie can get. I agree in terms of appearance. But I have to admit it would be tough to break my allegiance with the Nestle Tollhouse recipe I grew up with. It’s like that damn green bean casserole — it’s just something I can’t explain.