Bad blogger, good crafter

I admit, I have been a pretty poor blogger lately. But I’ve been busy.

My yoga studio expressed interest in selling my recycled candles and knit yoga bags, so I got to work coming up with a sellable selection, a much more time-consuming process than I realized. I went through many a crooked wick and sunken well of wax before mastering my candlemaking skills. But I’m pretty happy with what I ended up toting to the studio last night. Here’s a peek.

I think the biggest hit has been the little juice glasses with etched patterns going around – popular with grandmas across the nation from what I hear.

This morning I went garage saleing, as that’s where all of my supplies for these re-melted candles come from, and I think I finally know that thrill of the hunt that avid garage salers like my mom experience on a regular basis. I hauled off one sale with the biggest candle I’d ever seen, just imagining how many little candles I could make from it. The cost? $1.

Like any business owner the real cost is in your time, but hopefully that time is spent doing what you love and I LOVE THIS.

The bags were another story. Being stubborn I’m determined to find a way to make them super quick, but with knits that’s really tough. Does anyone out there sell knitware? Is it even possible to make it profitable?

So thanks for hanging in there, whatever readers I have left. I’m exausted but happy to be through phase one of my project, which is turning out the first batch and praying someone likes it. Many more phases to come (let’s hope) and many more lessons to share, I’m sure.

Thanks also to Mike for picking up the slack while I was boiling away in my little lab – I know I left plenty of it.