One hell of a to-do list

I wouldn’t say I was having a quarterlife crisis (pretty sure that happened about four years ago) but I’m definitely having one of those moments where I think, oh my God, how could I possibly have reached this age without having done this, this and this? And not even that I haven’t done them yet, but that I’m not even close, can’t even see the beginning of that accomplishment. And I’m not even that old, but old enough. Perhaps looming birthdays always do that to a person.

I don’t know, I had just gotten really excited about making financial progress and then because life is rarely friendly to your savings account I find myself right back where I started. And it’s just so paralyzing when you don’t have enough money to do the things you want. But it’s my fault, it’s all me if I don’t.

I always think of myself as a person with my shit together. Like I’m organized, I think things out. Why can’t I figure out how to manage all those “adult” things that apparently you’re just supposed to know how to do? So I bought a car. Great, in five years I might finally own something. I’ll be a 33-year-old with a five-year-old car.

So, I apologize for the complainy-ness of this post, but I’m sure others know what I mean. I think we all could use some good news, some sign that high gas prices and the credit crisis and layoffs are all part of a cycle, a cycle that will change soon, for the better. And maybe we could let ourselves off the hook just a little if we don’t check off every single item on an impossible list.