Crochet stripes blanket, a must-make

So here it is, the wedding present I almost couldn’t bear to give away.

I started it a month before the wedding, which left me just enough time to work a few rows here and there, usually a set amount daily, and then speed crochet the last couple days and finish weaving in the ends on the car ride to the airport. A close call, yes, but it turned out so beautifully it was worth every scrambled minute.

Here’s a look at it before I finished the ends.

The colorway is really nice, and the way the stitches switch from single crochet to double and back adds cool texture and speeds up the process. The edging also cleans up any bobbles that come from the color switches, a technique I plan to use again for other projects. Find the pattern at It’s beginner-friendly.

I made one bitty change because I thought the ’70s color combo begged for orange yarn (a fave of the bride, too) so I used magenta for the red rows and orange for the magenta rows. I never expected to be a fan of Vanna’s Choice yarn (as boutique-y yarn tends to spoil the knitter), but it is actually lovely and soft and I’ll use it again. (Not to mention tres affordable…)