Vacation photos

Our approach to travel is a little unconventional but it works for us. We try to see as much as we can possibly see – that we have never seen before – in just over a week. Two summers ago we covered the deep south, 13 states and 3,500 miles. This time, with a wedding in Hudson, New York as our excuse, we decided to try New England and the Maritimes — Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in Canada.

I think this trip was much more stressful than the south trip. You try driving to a new major city every single day. Navigating took all the patience we had and some we didn’t. But we reaped the rewards in extraordinary views, and weather that always seemed about 12 hours ahead of hurricane Hanna. She let us be, and we soaked it up.

Here’s the wedding venue, a factory turned empty warehouse turned theater.

One of many, many, many statues in Boston.

I loved Boston. Couldn’t get enough of it. What a smart city, full of history and cool architecture and great shopping and restaurants. Best pizza and bread pudding I’ve had in my life was at Figs in Beacon Hill.

What else? A lighthouse near Portland, Maine.

The view at lunch at a little pub in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. By this point we were trying to master driving in the metric system. Do you know how fast 100 km/hour is?

Sunset in Lunenburg, NS.

That afternoon we drove through little beach town after town and stopped for a hike in the Kejimkujik (i think?) national park. There were seals and crashing waves and white sand. I just don’t think our photos captured how incredible it was.

Me in front of the Anne of Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island.

That’s right girls, it’s a real place, and it is incredibly beautiful. So picturesque it doesn’t seem real.

Switching gears, Stephen King’s house in Bangor, Maine.

Driving there the night before in dense fog was so creepy I completely understood how he could imagine his stories.

Mike examining a canon at Fort Ticonderoga in New York. I never said we weren’t huge geeks.

Is this heaven? No, it’s Vermont. A state full of hippies and Ben and Jerrys. Love at first sight.