All in a day’s work

Today I attended my first estate sale. Thanks to super crafty Erin Randolph for tipping me off to one of the best ways to find old candles and jars (whether or not it’s warm outside). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the first part of the sale (on a Friday night??) so I missed out on what I really wanted, but I did take home this sweet load.

And I love the little basket, which I had just picked up to carry everything in, but they threw it in for free. I love even more that it’s missing a handle.

While I was back in this dungeon of a room looking at canning jars, this other woman goes, “Wow, I’ve never seen so much holiday stuff. Her grandkids must have loved coming over for Christmas.” It felt sort of weird to be rifling through someone’s stuff without knowing the stories behind it, but I hope that south side granny would be happy to see her candles living on in a new form.