Over the weekend Mike and I traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for my cousin Alana’s wedding. I haven’t been there for a long time, but I used to go there as a kid because my great aunt lived nearby. We’d hit the toy stores, and then head to Branson for a little Silver Dollar City action. I think this photo, circa 1987, is from there:

I remember it being a cute little town with trolleys and lots of shops with lacey dolls and fudge. I also remember the drive in being windey windey to the point of making us nauseous.

Well, some things have changed.

Thankfully, the roads have been updated so that only the last 20 minutes or so are windey. The town is still cute as ever, lots of stone buildings built right into hillsides and full of cute shops and restaurants.

This guy was just hanging out.

But now in addition to the townies they also have a good sized biker population alongside a good size gay population and a good sized hippie population. According to the groom, when they checked out the rehearsal dinner spot last year, a tranny convention was going on.

Oh yeah, and apparently pot is legal, too. We dubbed it the San Francisco of the south. You should go!

It worked out well for us because this eclectic crowd also digs the fair trade coffee and vegetarian food. We ate very well over the weekend.

But, what we were there for was a wedding, and it was just beautiful. They couldn’t have asked for better weather. Here’s where the ceremony took place (outside the supposedly haunted Crescent Hotel).

Isn’t this a lovely lady? My grandma Mason.

And how about this cute couple.

Only to be outdone by this even cuter couple.