Trying: a cleanse

The last two weeks I’ve really been trying to eat better, and I think I’ve done a good job so far. But I was feeling like I needed something to give me a little kick start and motivation so I went to the health foods store and asked about doing a cleanse. They have tons of products (mainly nutritional supplements and lots of fiber), and the clerk suggested a 7-day rapid cleanse that helps clear out your digestive system and some of your other organs, too. I have no idea what exactly will happen, but I’ve heard other people say they feel better afterward and want to eat healthier. So I’m giving it a try. I take two pills in the morning, two at night, and have two glasses of water mixed with a fiber solution a la Metamucil (but it doesn’t taste like anything).

Other cleanses, juice feasts, etc. consisting of a dramatic change in diet probably work better in terms of sheer weight loss, and I really did consider something like that, but you know, baby steps. I’ve heard very mixed things about those, and feel a little wary.

So far the sheer amount of water I’ve had to drink is the only “cleansing” I’ve really experienced, but it’s early still. Anyone ever tried one of these?

Loving: green coat (and shoes!)

I think me and this adorable wool coat were just meant to be.

I saw it in a Younkers ad and cut it out, thinking I would go check it out when I had some money. When Erin came up for my birthday we had a thrilling shopping spree, and I think the best moment was when she spotted me trying on this coat and from across the room and yelled something like “you have to buy that!”. You can’t tell from it on a hanger, but it’s fitted and shapely and has two hidden pockets (an essential for Iowa winters). The price tag said $260, but after a little wheeling and dealing involving my Younkers card, I think I paid $125. Nice!

And just yesterday, after I balanced my checkbook and realized I hadn’t done too much damage, I spotted these at Famous Footwear.

Could I resist?