My attempt at a button wreath

I’ve wanted one of these for my front door since last year, and since the crafting is out of control over here, I figured why not try another one?

I pilfered my button stash (actually I convinced Mike to do it for me) for all the red and white buttons, and just barely had enough to cover the ring. I could have used more, actually, but oh well.

I traced around a couple of cylindrical containers to get a nice cardboard ring and then cut it with an Xacto knife. Then I glued a piece of paper on top. Note to self, next time use red paper.

Then I just started gluing with a hot glue gun. I only glued my index finger twice (ouch!). I tried to fill in all the white space, and got most of it.

Then I tied a ribbon around it, folded a paperclip around the ribbon to make a little hook and hung it on my front door. I keep opening the front door to look at it. I love it!