Final thoughts on the cleanse

So I finished the cleanse yesterday, and I feel like, overall, it was a good thing for me. I lost a little weight (maybe 4 or 5 pounds), and by the end I was really craving less food and feeling more satisfied after I did eat. I think I will continue to eat this way in the sense that I want to stay conscious of every food decision, and feel good about making the right choices instead of guilty over making the wrong ones.

A couple things I really do want to change: less dessert and smaller helpings. Notice I didn’t say anything about cutting out foods. I just can’t have a 500-calorie dessert after dinner every night. And there’s absolutely no reason I need to scoop multiple helpings on my plate. If I decide to take up marathon running, then we’ll talk. For now, I’m only exercising about twice a week.

At the beginning of the cleanse I mostly had to pee a lot, and didn’t notice much of a change physically or mentally. By the middle I was cleansing in a different way, if you know what I mean. I would wake up, take the morning part and then take several bathroom trips throughout the day. Then I’d eat dinner, take the evening part and go to sleep.

I slept very well, and often had vivid dreams I’d still remember when I woke up. I also got really sensitive to spicy foods, something that also happened on my raw food experiment. I often didn’t feel hungry because I felt my stomach and intestines processing constantly. Today I felt much hungrier.

I’m not sure everyone would want to do this just because it requires you to remember to take certain things and certain times, drink tons of water, monitor what you eat, and experience numerous daily trips to the bathroom, some of them not exactly pleasant. But if you’re willing to make the commitment to sort of break yourself of bad habits and start feeling better, go for it.

By the end I was feeling very emotional, like a lot of things weighing on my mind came to a head, and so I just tried to work through it all, and feel much better today. I think just making any kind of dietary or lifestyle change will make you more conscious of other things in your life, and I think that’s something we all could use from time to time.