The great fence battle of 2008

A couple days ago we realized that both us and the neighbors were having fence issues when Sadie came back inside, but Reggie didn’t. She’d hopped into the neighbors’ yard, then hopped out their yard into freedom and ran for her life.

As I was about an hour from interviewing a “celeb” from the Food Network, I was a tad stressed about finding the dog and getting to work. A half hour later when she still wasn’t found, we were both in full panic mode. We decided to trade off — I’d drive around and Mike would wait at the house in case she came back. As I backed out the driveway we both spotted her, trotting up the street like she was the happiest dog alive. Sigh.

Despite our attempts to fix the fence, or at least create a temporary blockage with the fallen limbs that had broken the fence in the first place, both dogs managed to escape. Twice. We were long past the ends of our ropes this morning.

After Mike searched a while and no luck, I got in the car and drove around the block a few times. I picked up my cell phone, then drove to the end of our block and turned left. I got about halfway down the street when I saw two full-grown deer bolting across the four-way stop ahead. I thought to myself, that’s an unusual sight for the middle of the day. And then I realized why I was seeing it.

About two seconds later a flash of black and white zoomed by. Reggie.

I followed their path and eventually found both dogs, after they’d lost the chase in a wooded area, nuzzling up to some neighbors. Together, they’d had probably the most exciting day of their entire lives. And as much as I wanted to scream and stomp my foot, I just had to laugh. It was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while.

Later on Mike hopped into the neighbors’ yard and called Reggie, thus figuring out how she was escaping. Instead of hopping over the branches, she wiggled through them, showing Sadie the way. So we replaced the old broken boards that had previously held the fence up while the dogs pouted.

Sadie was especially miffed.

“If we can’t escape the yard, can we at least go for a ride in the car?”

I think they’ll sleep good tonight. They’ve been giving Mike the double cuddle.