Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Hello, lover.

I was looking for a new Christmas cookie to make, and I remembered I saved this recipe I had come across checking Web sites for my freelance work. I think I saw the name Todd English, and after going to his restaurant, Figs, in Boston, thought instantly of one of the best dinners I’ve ever had. Just simple and good food, and so I hoped his recipe for Chocolate Sandwich Cookies would be simple and good cookies.

They are. Yum.

I did have one issue with the recipe — the dough was way too loose, even after I put it in the fridge for much longer than the 30 minutes it called for. I would just recommend using less water at the end, lest you end up with overly chocolatey fingers.

I also skipped the homemade frosting (I really hate getting out the mixer and washing all those components if I don’t have to) so bought a can of Pillsbury cream cheese frosting and called it good. To cut out the circles, I actually used a little biscuit cutter. If you wanted to do a less messy cookie day with little kids than the elaborate sugar cookies we used to make, this might be a good substitute.