Internet hugs

I’m having one of those “you like me, you really like me!” moments.

Last weekend I added some items to my Etsy shop, thinking I should at least have a bunch in there for holiday shopping time. And here I am, 10 sales later, thinking how awesome all of you are that read my blog, follow me on Twitter, promote my shop in your blogs, tell you friends, shop at Craft Saturday, etc. etc.

As cheesy as it sounds, you are really helping one of my dreams come true.

I was not so sure buying handmade would still be important to people who are keeping their money as close as ever. I mean, I know you can buy a knit hat for a lot cheaper than one of mine at a discount store. But it turns out the opposite is true. You seem to value knowing the maker of your goods more than ever. Super cool.

So, I’m gonna keep doing this. God knows I’ve had items that didn’t sell, glue gun burns, candles I’ve had to trash or remake (even multiple times). I’ve knit until my eyes went cross. But here you are, asking for more, holding me up on tough days. I can’t say thank you enough.

And I have to also give major credit to my mom for supplying all of those adorable mugs, and everyone else who’s greeted me with a bag of half burnt candles or a box of Mason jars. I love that you all want to be a part of my little business. And I need your help to make it work!

I am working on some custom orders and Christmas presents right now, but I will get a few more items uploaded to my Etsy shop this week.

If you make it, they will come. 🙂