Hey, knitters. Do you know any great patterns for a simple pair of mittens? The closest I’ve come to making any were a pair of arm warmers with a thumb hole, but I’ve decided that someone who makes hats and scarves ought to make mittens, too.

O Christmas tree…

I am tired, and I really don’t want to mess with dogs eating ornaments while I’m at work. So, voila, an improvised Christmas tree.

Loving: jewelry travel case

Yesterday at Craft Saturday I couldn’t leave without visiting the other vendors and picking up a few handmade items. I got this travel jewelry case from Kate i Design. It’s a pretty genius idea — instead of putting your tangled jewelry in a plastic baggie, you zip it into little pouches and slide your rings onto the bar.

I thought everyone had really cute, creative stuff to sell, and the turnout was great. I was definitely worried that with all the bad economic news people would forget about our little craft fair and buy their gifts at Target, but I think the support from everyone’s friends helped spread the word and we had a nice little crowd until about the time it got dark. It was certainly worth my time/money and I would do it again.

The funny part was, people loved the knitwear. Granted it was a freezing cold day and here we were next to a cozy coffee shop, but I think people just really loved touching the chunky wool fabric and trying the hats on. In retrospect I really should have brought a mirror because a lot of people tried on the hat, but probably didn’t fall in love because they couldn’t see what it looked like on.

Two scarves I made on a last-minute whim sold. They were my most expensive items. The cup and mug candles did way better than the jars, so I will probably change my focus more to those. I had lots of interest in the button items, too. I have a lot more ideas of things to make, so I feel both momentum and intimidation about going forward. It’s a scary time, but I’m glad to know people still want to buy handmade. And I think the recycled and rescued concept is something all of us will need to focus on doing more in our lives.

Craft Saturday sneak peek

This weekend is the event I’ve been most excited for involving my crafts. Craft Saturday is at the 4th St. Theater in Des Moines on Saturday. I’ve been a shopper before, but never a seller.

I’ve been crafting like crazy, trying to get as much done as I can so that my table is filled with goodies. Here are some items I’ll be selling Saturday:

These mugs are so cute I can barely let them go. And they’re coffee scented!

I think this one looks like a honey pot.

And everyone needs a pheasant mug.

Fabric scrap button thumb tacks.

And stacked button thumb tacks.

Chunky wool-blend hats.

I’m hoping to have some scarves finished, too.

So, I hope to see all of you locals there. There are some other fantastic vendors you should also check out, and you can see their wares on the Web site,