Pound cake FAIL

I made this beautiful pound cake last weekend.

I had seen this recipe on Instructables and thought it sounded scrumptious. But I don’t like lemon flavor a ton, so I got a generic pound cake recipe from Paula Deen. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with her version of a dessert recipe. And a little Penzey’s real vanilla.

I even got to use my bundt pan for the first time. And this awesome addition to our Kitchen Aid stand mixer – it’s a silicone beater blade. It scrapes the sides of the bowl as it mixes. Nice!

So the cake came out beautifully.

I mixed up a little generic icing with powdered sugar, water and almond flavoring. It dripped down the sides just perfectly. But I have to tell you, this cake just wasn’t that good. Something about it tasted a little funky, and the icing was too thick and too almond-y.

So I took it to work and the newsroom devoured the whole thing.

We did get a little bonus cake when some batter spilled through the hole in the center of the pan and baked itself.

So, pound cake fail. But I will most definitely try again. Do tell if you have a better recipe.