The Baby Boomers’ cookie

There has been quite a bit of mania lately over the Baby Boomers’ cookie. Background: When the Obama campaign office was here, it was located next to a little diner called Baby Boomers. They kept chocolate chunk cookies in a jar on the counter, free for anyone who wanted an extra snack.

The Obama family loved them so much, they ordered dozens and dozens to be sent back to them in Washington. When word of this caught on, everyone wanted those cookies. The restaurant had to buy time at a bakery to make enough for all the orders. They even started a Web site just for the cookies.

So of course I had to try them. The last time I was at the actual diner, they were out. But they sell them at my grocery store now.

They are really unlike any chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had.

Certainly different from the New York Times cookie, and my favorite, the Nestle Tollhouse old-school recipe. They are only chewy, not crispy at all. They taste a lot like the cookie dough bites you get in ice creams.

I heard from one of the owners that the secret to the recipe is not about an ingredient but a lack of ingredient. If I had to guess, I would say it uses maybe shortening or oil instead of butter (or maybe just partially) to get that chewiness.

I, personally, like the chewy inside of a cookie. But some people won’t like these at all. And I do think I prefer the crispiness and slight saltiness of Nestle’s recipe. But at least I can say I tried the Obama cookie. I think his daughters are the real fans.

Stay tuned for some more recipe posts. I am making my first bundt cake (woo hoo!).