Loving: blue vases

I found these at an estate sale last week.

They were sitting in a box on the ground, and I scooped them up before anyone else could notice. The grand total of everything I bought that day, which included two boxes of taper candles, some milk glass items and a clock, was $7. Score.

Sadie says …

“I’m not coming out until the loud booms go away.”

Last weekend when it stormed I kept finding her squished up in various corners of the house. She doesn’t get shaky and panicked like Reggie, just resigned to stay out of harms way until the storm passes.

Don’t mess with my nest

The other day I noticed this mama bird building a nest at the back of our house. We kicked them out of the underside of the roof last year, so I guess this was the next best thing. Hope to see some little birdies in there soon.

Leslie Hall!

Last week I got to meet one of my crafty idols, Leslie Hall. If you don’t know who she is, the best way I can explain her is to say that whenever we’re having a bad day or feeling down at work, we just look up one of her videos, and it always makes us smile. Or, more likely, go into hysterics. Leslie, who incidentally is from 30 miles down the road in Ames, raps about zombies and gem sweaters, always wears gold spandex, and travels around in an RV-turned-sweater museum that she would now like to use for gay weddings. I LOVE her. Can’t get enough of her crazy Web videos.

So last Thursday when she came to a local music venue me and some of my co-workers joined a bunch of other gem-sweater-clad concertgoers for an awesome show. There were tiger costumes. There was a giant sign that said “Shazam”. There was ample-sized booty shaking. And then afterwards, we accosted her and got this photo.

My coworker, Jess, who is also from Ames, is the one practically groping her. I think we had Leslie convinced to come in, craft with us, and do a cover photo shoot. Now that would be awesome.

For your viewing pleasure, I’m including her video for “Craft Talk.” Go ahead, smile!