Clearing the clutter from my desk

A long time ago I decided that all the little doo dads in my office were getting cluttered so I needed some little containers for paperclips, thumb tacks, rubber bands, etc. I found some tins with clear lids at a paper store for about 50 cents apiece and bought 10 or so, then filled them up and tossed them in a basket on my desk. Which meant that every time I wanted a stamp or an address label I had to go rifling through the basket to find the right tin. Not much of a solution.

So, finally, during one of our many, many trips to Home Depot (see previous post) I picked up a 12-inch square sheet of stainless steel on which my little tins could stick. I knew I had some magnet sheets with adhesive backing that I could cut to size, making my tins like the little spice jars on my fridge.

The only problem was that the stainless steel sheets you get at a hardware store have really sharp edges. So I dropped a few more bucks on a metal file and filed down the edges. So it only took several years, but I finally de-cluttered my desktop and I think my little stainless steel wall-o-goodies is pretty darn cute.