Garden beginnings

Over the weekend while I struggled mightily to figure out how to cut old glass bottles and remake them into some sort of glass votive, Mike got started on our garden. (By the way, that task is much more difficult than I ever thought it would be.) We’ve had various incarnations of a fence around a square of dirt in the backyard, and it usually works fine at keeping out the bunnies, chipmunks, and other critters who will otherwise nibble our plants to the roots.

But this year, Mike went all out and built us a respectable garden fence. This started a few months ago when we trekked to Home Depot and picked out wood boards and I whined about having to be there. Then he stained them to seal out the water. After they dried we went back to Home Depot in search of staple gun staples and I whined some more about having to be there. What is it about that place that instantly turns me into a 5-year-old?

Finally he got to staple on the chicken wire, arrange the fence around the dirt, and stake it to the ground. Doesn’t it look great?

He also decided to pitch our old compost bin, which was a great idea (basically a plastic tube on a bar that you could turn to mix the compost), but it just never quite functioned properly. Instead he built this two-part cinder block wall (one side for older material, one side for new). After we went to Home Depot. Again.

If you would like to build your own compost area, Mike has built an online model that you can copy.

Soon we’ll have actual plants!