Rediscovering: soda crate

Looky what I found.

Back when I first moved to Des Moines (for the third time) in 2006 I asked my mom to find me a soda crate so I could make it into a little herb garden. I pulled out some of the slats and lined it with plastic, then filled it up with dirt. It was a total fail. Seedlings are hard enough to grow with their own little dishes with a grow light. This setup just wouldn’t work, and larger plants would need more depth for roots, I think. The plants died and I gave up.

But I found the crate in the garage today, and thought it was worth rescuing. I cleaned it out and tried to push the slats back in.

Me: What do you call that thing you use to pound in stakes?

Mike: A tenderizer?

Me: No, like garden stakes.

Mike: Oh, a mallet.

Me: Do we have a mallet?

Mike: Yeah. It’s in the garage.

Me, to myself: Of course we have a mallet. All guys have mallets. Duh.

So anyway, I pounded in the stubborn slats and got it looking back to normal. Only now i don’t know what to do with it. I already have a magazine rack, and I don’t really have knick knacks small enough to display in the holes. Also, now that I have pounded the heck out of those slats with a mallet, I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to get them back out, should I want larger openings.

For now, it’s just sitting in the entryway looking retro. I love it.