Denver – the weather

One thing I remember from living in Colorado is that the weather is consistently wonderful and hotter than you would expect from the mountains (mainly due to the intensity of the sun). So when we planned our trip, including running a 10k, I was mainly concerned about getting too hot. And then it just rained and rained almost the whole time.

On the way there as we were driving through Nebraska we went through one of those foreboding black-cloud rainstorms the plains tend to get in the summertime.

The rain just poured and poured, and then all the sudden it was over. About 15 minutes later we started seeing storm chaser vehicles going the other direction. Not a good sign! Mike checked the radar on his iPhone and apparently we had driven through a giant bean-shaped red spot, meaning very possible tornado area. Oh my.

The first few days in Denver it would be sunny in the morning, and then storm in the afternoon and evening. And when I say storm, I’m not kidding. At one point the tornado sirens went off in downtown Denver and then it hailed.

A lot of the time it looked like this. But it was still beautiful.

This is my old neighborhood in Boulder. I hardly recognize it with so many clouds!

We decided that Colorado was mad at me for leaving. But just when I was starting to get really mopey about the weather, the clouds lifted and we sort of got nature’s apology. It was like “wait, come back. I was only kidding!” You’ll see from my other pictures how amazing it was, and why we fell in love with it all over again.