The mother lode

When your craft involves making something new out of something old, you get pretty excited over finding the “old” supplies. And for me, that’s the ultra glamorous pile of partially burnt candles.

So I got pretty excited when I was at a wedding over the weekend and every other table was covered with flickering white pillar candles. It’s really the mother lode for me when I can find used wax that is both white and unscented, because then I can remake it into virtually anything. I take the colorful ones and the scented ones, too, but this is ideal. So thanks to Erin, the bride, for letting me pack them up after the reception and carry them home like a crazy bag lady. I have big plans for them!

I loved her “placecards”, too. They’re little galvanized metal buckets with a potted pansy inside. Instead of saying what kind of plant they are, the sticks denote the person seated there and the color refers to what they wanted for dinner. Clever!