Weekend gardening

I love these precious few weeks in May when everything is in bloom, but hasn’t been destroyed by heat or thunderstorms.

I especially love watching the ferns in our back yard unfurl.

The tree in our front yard is blooming, too. Most of the trees in our neighborhood are purple right now, but I love our delicate white blooms.

I planted some annuals in our side garden bed. I’m partial to white and pink vinca and these orange zinnias.

If I had more money to spend on it I would have splurged on some daisies. But my budget was basically two trays of annuals with a buy one get one free coupon. Sad face.

Aren’t these pretty?

Someone who lived here before us planted them in another part of the garden (along with several rose bushes) and now they pop up randomly here and there.

Mike’s growing some seedlings in the basement while we wait for our tomato and pepper plants to arrive from Seed Savers. I’ll keep you posted!