Loving: red lettuce salad

The red lettuce in our garden inspired me to make this salad, and now I want to eat it everyday. To be honest, lettuce is typically my least favorite part of a salad. I prefer a ratio of lettuce to tomato of about 1 to 1. Most restaurant salads have one or two cherry tomatoes on a whole plate of lettuce, which just doesn’t cut it for me.

So I made my salad with half a bowl of lettuce, one small tomato sliced into wedges, a sprinkling of powdered parmesan cheese and my favorite dressing, Newman’s Own light balsamic. To cut the lettuce I stacked a bunch of leaves, then rolled up the stack and sliced it into 1-inch sections.

I’ve also started doing what Rachael Ray does with her greens. I wash them and toss any bad parts (cutting of the bottom and separating the leaves if it’s something like a romaine heart), then run them through the spinner to dry and put them in a large plastic baggie. I include a couple paper towels to soak up any extra water. This really seems to help the leaves stay crisper longer. And it seems to taste a lot better than bagged salad, which after many, many purchases still just tastes, bagged.

What do you put on your salad? I’m also partial to sliced apple, pecans and a few goat cheese blobs.