So we celebrated our engagement and my career change with some of our favorite foods. And sangria.

There are a million ways to make sangria, but basically it’s wine and fruit. I made mine with two bottles of rose, a green apple, an orange, half a pound of strawberries and fresh mint. To make it fizzy I added a bottle of club soda (not sure the size, maybe a liter?), and to sweeten it I added one batch of simple sugar (1 cup each of water and sugar heated until the sugar dissolves).

I also left it in the fridge overnight so that everything would get good and mixed together. It was wonderful!

Of course I made guacamole.

So much guacamole. Although I ended up getting full on a friend’s mango salsa instead.

Here’s the cake. Heart-shaped, of course.

I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Cake, but substituted a can of cream cheese frosting for the real stuff since we were already cooking so much.

Really, you could do this with a vanilla cake mix, too. Just bake it in two pans and stack the layers. You top each layer with mashed up strawberries that have been sitting in sugar until they start to make juice. Since the cake soaks up the fruit juice it tastes even better a day later.

So the deposit’s paid, the contract’s signed, and we are on our way to having a wedding. I’m hoping to post soon on all the sources where I’ve been finding inspiration — there are some great (free) ones out there!