The boss of me

So, it’s official. I’m a full-time freelancer. Yesterday I felt really sad. I didn’t expect to feel sad (this being such a liberating thing and all), but as I was going through three years of notes, cards, emails and contact lists I felt pretty sentimental about the whole thing. And frankly, I’d like to remember it that way. There were some very good times, and truly amazing people in those three years.

Now I just feel strange. Even though I’ve been both part-time and full-time freelance before, I hardly remember what it’s like. I recall spending most of the time wishing for a full-time job – ha!

I have so many ideas of projects I would like to try, especially when it comes to making my house feel more like a home. And blog posts and story ideas and scarves to knit and on and on. I really don’t know where to start. I think I might just lay in the grass and read a book all afternoon. Because I can. Don’t hate me.

If any of you are freelancers, I’d love to hear how you structure your day. Is it tough to stay disciplined? I’m usually good at it when I’m doing something I love.