Summer blooms

First of all, thank you to everyone who left a supportive comment or sent me an e-mail about my career change. It means a lot to me that the response has been overwhelmingly positive rather than questioning my sanity. I have 7 more days of work, and one very long to-do list after that. I can’t wait!

This weekend I’ve been trying to do a little maintenance on the garden, which has been hit pretty hard with storms lately. It’s either growing wildly out of control or wilting from the wind, hail, or scorching heat from the last few days.

We’ve lost a few flowers and herbs, but others are still hanging on. This bush of annuals we planted two years ago finally bloomed.

My zinnias are pretty happy.

And it looks like we’ll have lilies here pretty soon.

As for the garden, I’ve been eating wonderful red lettuce salads, while I wait for the beets and carrots to come up.

The zucchini is growing steadily in it’s own box. We hope the fact that it’s pretty shady over there will limit the number of zucchini baseball bats we have to give to our neighbors and co-workers.

Mike is pretty proud of his tomatoes, which are zooming upwards.

It might be hot, but I LOVE summer.