De-lurk, and win!

I thought it was about time I said thank you to all of you lovely readers by doing a little giveaway!

**The giveaway has ended.

I have a package here of some of my handmade items:

-A chalkboard flowerpot
-Two crochet dish scrubbers
-One red juice glass recycled wax candle, fruit slices scent (my personal fave)

The flowerpot is the larger of the two sizes I made this summer, and is actually plastic, so it’s much less likely to break in the mail.

It doesn’t come with a flower, but it does have two pieces of chalk in cute whale-y ribbon.

This is about $25 worth of goodies, and I want you to have it!

So, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me a little about yourself. Are you mainly a crafter? A cook? An all-around Martha? Or do you just love to read blogs (this I understand, as I have at least 50 in my reader).

I will randomly select a winner tomorrow morning before I leave for Ragbrai. At that time you can e-mail me your address so I know where to ship it.

Coming up soon I have another giveaway from a crafty reader, so get excited for that, too!

Breakfast for dinner

The other day I discovered a half-full box of honey-wheat pancake mix in my kitchen cabinet, and couldn’t stop thinking about how good that might taste with a few farmers market blueberries mixed in.

So instead of making a savory dinner, I cooked pancakes last night. And even though this blog is primarily about from-scratch cooking, I fully give myself permission to make something from a box every now and then. It’s just not that big of a deal.

So, I mixed up the batter in my handy dandy mixing bowl with a spout so I could pour it easily, and it worked great.

Mmmmm, pancakes.

(Don’t worry, I did not eat this many pancakes. Usually what I do with leftovers is wrap two or three at a time in plastic, then freeze them. They taste great after a little thaw in the microwave.)

Then this morning I sprinkled a few leftover berries on a fat-free Greek yogurt, with a little bit of Grape Nuts and some agave nectar.

I love the creaminess of Greek yogurt, but to be honest, it tasted a bit strange to me, so I think I’ll stick with my regular Cultural Revolution organic yogurt. You just can’t go wrong with that stuff.

Practically free entertainment

Last weekend Mike and I went to a Des Moines Menace soccer game. The team’s on a roll this year, so it was the second time we got to watch them win at home.

Tickets are normally less than $10 anyway, but we heard they were down to $5 for this game if you wore red. So we donned our red clothes, only to have someone hand us free tickets to the game as we were walking in. Nice!

We purchased a $5 bag of kettle corn, which we devoured in a shockingly small amount of time. But later in the game as free T-shirts, Frisbees and water bottles rained down on the crowd, Mike caught this black tee. So I’d say we came out about even.

File that under reason 5,126 that Des Moines is a great place to be in the summer.